Yoga and Mindfulness for Stress Relief

As winter draws near, we naturally become more introverted, less energetic and more accustomed to snuggling up by a warm fire, or under a cosy blanket.  Gone for now are the long summer evenings when we linger in the garden for as long as possible.  Now we find outselves dashing home, anticipating shutting the door and being cocooned in our home, protected from the cold and the dark outside.

In keeping with our natural tendancies to wind down over the winter months, this November’s workshop is all about reducing stress and finding calm.  The day will incorporate various tools and techniques that we can use in everyday life to promote relaxation, ease tension and lessen the stress that we encounter.

Through yoga postures, breath control, mindful practices and relaxation methods we will spend the day in a bubble of peace and calm.

Learn how to relax and stay calm … just in time for Christmas!

For more information about this workshop please click on the Saturday Workshops link.

Let’s stay chilled over winter!