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Some Feedback and Comments About Regular Yoga Classes:

“I feel that Sarah is the best yoga teacher I have ever had. She seems to incorporate deep breathing, relaxation, mindfulness and a quote from one of her books … I feel that we hold the positions for the right length of time, so I do not end up aching at the end of a class.  The cost of each lesson isn’t too expensive, so it is affordable for most people.  She gives advice when asked or needed. The class has a nice atmosphere with just the right amount of people.”   TE (female, age 65)  – March 2017


Sarah’s regular Yoga classes are an indulgence that I look forward to a value deeply.  Primarily, for me, attendance at a class serves to relax and rebalance my week.    Key features of a class include: welcoming approach, confident delivery, clear instruction, discreet individual intervention where and when required.  Thank-you Sarah for demanding nothing and giving me the ‘good something else’ to my week.  

I have attended one Yoga workshop in Spalding which was informative and deeply relaxing.”   JS (female, age 50+)  –  February 2017 


“I took up yoga after a severe bout of vertigo hoping it would help with my balance. Not only did it achieve this but it helped with the anxiety which often comes with vertigo. I found that once again my conscious mind was in charge of my subconscious, the breathing routines were a great help with this.

By following a relaxation breathing technique at bedtime, it helped me get off to sleep quickly. 

The exercises we do have greatly assisted my general flexibility and mobility. In particular, one of my knees used to be painful, but now never seems to be a problem.  All in all, yoga has had a big impact on my life for the better.”    SC (male, age 67) – March 2017


“It was many years since I’d attended a yoga class and I was very apprehensive about starting again.  What was I worried about?!  Sarah made me feel very welcome as soon as I walked through the door, and introduced me to the other class members.

The class is very relaxed and flows at a nice pace.  It’s not a problem if you don’t quite get the hang of it first time round.   Sarah will take the time to show you if you haven’t quite got it right.  I particular like how the class is split into three section – mindfulness, yoga and relaxation.

I have only been attending for a few weeks, but in that short time my health has improved significantly.  Due to an event in my personal life last year, I have been experiencing anxiety and low mood – attending this class has greatly improved my well being.  I would highly recommend this class to anyone.  If you have doubts about attending – don’t, just give it a try!”    CK (female) – February 2017


“A sedentary sixty plus male persuaded to attend a first yoga class a couple of years ago with limited aspiration and tentative enthusiasm entering a room full of ladies who exuded a knowing awareness – daunting! In fact, everyone was extremely welcoming and the initiation was not at all painful.

Attendance maintained, Yoga has become an important part of the week. Clearly, relaxation and focus upon one’s mind and body has been beneficial but the exercise has encouraged flexibility and body strength in a focused way. Instructions are clear with absolutely no pressure and help is always at hand.

Highly recommended!”    RB (male, age 62) – February 2017


“Really enjoy the sessions and always come away, glad I went and better for it.

As a ‘bloke’ I am in a minority – but that’s not an issue and the group and Sarah are very welcoming and warm.

Yoga helps me personally, physically and mentally and, also provides something ‘different’ and interesting in my week.
It is far more than bendy stretchy time, its time to stop, reflect and ponder and to bring in a sense of humour at appropriate times too.  Thanks.”  DG (male age 63) – February 2017


“Sarah’s classes are like having a one to one session but within a class.  She makes adaptations for all levels.  She is very knowledgeable and is very approachable should you have any issues. I always feel comfortable whilst in class.  I would highly recommend Sarah as a yoga teacher.”  EC (female, age 44) – February 2017


“I started practicing Yoga on the recommendation of my GP when I was approaching 60, mainly to help me overcome a period of stress and depression brought on by work pressures and imminent retirement.

From a health and wellbeing perspective, Yoga is the best thing I have ever done. It has given me tools to cope with life’s challenges. I have learned to breathe, to relax and to take control of my mind. As a result, I have reduced my angry responses to difficult situations and I am more able to deal cheerfully with the everyday problems that life throws at us.

In addition, Yoga has helped my physical health. It builds strength, flexibility and balance. Previous issues, such as lower back pain, knee pain and sciatica have for the most part been held at bay through the practice of Yoga. It helps me to remain fit and active, so that I can continue to enjoy life to the full for as long as possible as old age approaches.

Your classes have built upon and extended my previous knowledge and have given me a deeper insight into the physical and mental aspects of Yoga. I am continually amazed by the variety of poses you introduce on an almost weekly basis – and your soothing voice during relaxation is greatly appreciated by all who attend your classes.”  RB (male) – 65



On the Philosophy of Asana – The Panca Kosha – April 2015

“Sarah is an inspiring teacher.  She brings yoga into real life effortlessly and easily. IMG_20150129_112236698 - Copy (2)Yoga has been around for thousands of years and this workshop showed us how we can put these teachings into daily life to help us on every level – physical, emotional, spiritual and practical.  Sarah gives time for discussion so you really feel that you are receiving personal attention and guidance.  She creates a lovely, harmonious atmosphere where you feel welcome, whatever your level of current experience.  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”  SD



On the Philosophy of Asana – Pantanjali’s Philosophy of Health and Healing – February 2015IMG_20150129_113130655

“Love these days, full of relaxation and knowledge.”  SB


On the Philosophy of Asana – Purvaja (Archetype) Workshop –  November 2014

“A very interesting and thought-provoking day involving a good mix of posture work and the theory elements.  This gave me a muVrikshasanach better insight to, and understanding of, my yoga practice.” ~ J.D.

“Found the whole day very interesting and informative and enjoyed doing all the moves.” ~ S.B.




On the Philosophy of Asana – Attitude Workshop – April 2014

Tree Trunk and RootsThis was my first visit to yoga and I felt really glad that I came and will now change my attitude and commit to regular yoga.” ~ J.H.

“A very inspirational day.!  E.C.


On The Philosophy of Asana – Intention – March 2014Tree

“It widens the yoga knowledge but most of all you leave relaxed, ready to face the next week.”  SB (female)

*  “This was a very relaxing day.  The group was a lovely size and very friendly.  I left feeling very relaxed.  Thank you.”  EC (female)

On The Seven Major Chakras Saturday Yoga Workshop – February 2014

*  “I have gained more knowledge and feel more aware of wChakras 11ays to help balance the chakras to maintain mental and physical health … A very relaxing day. Well worth the money.”  EC (female)

*  “Very interesting and informative course. Great visualisations and of course yoga postures.”  ND (female)


On Yoga and Mindfulness for Stress Relief Saturday Yoga Workshop – November 2013          

*  “This is a great course which gave me useful tools to help me in my day to day activities.”  GE (male)Savasana

*  “Sarah’s approach is both practical and theoretical so you leave her workshop with a deeper understanding and a practical working knowledge.  Her approach for an absolute beginner and for anyone with a level of experience is flexible and adaptable.  Highly recommended.”  TE (female)

On The Subtle Energy System Saturday Yoga Workshop – May 2013:
*  “Very informative and interesting …Helped me to realiseThe 5 Koshas that I need to  physically improve my movement and body.”  ND (female)

*  “It has opened up an understanding that I knew nothing about before … The day has been at a level to suit everyone, a brilliant day.”  SB (female)




On Managing Stress Workshop – November 2012

“An excellent course for this day and age, where life is Managing Stress 124/7.  The tips can be used by anyone and are realistic and practical.”  GB (female)

*  “Ideal for anyone, even if you’re not stressed, gives you the tools to help others.  Full of information, it is a friendly and relaxed environment.” AB (male)

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