What’s Happening This Week in Class

For those of us practising on our mats this week, the intention is to be in the bliss zone that can be found through the practice of restorative yoga. We will settle in on our mats, safe in the knowledge that there is nothing to do, nowhere to be and that nobody wants anything from us. From this place of peace and tranquility, we invite in the experience of just being, feeling and listening to the ever-present Self. This is our opportunity to withdraw from the world for some precious ‘time out’, as we experience nourishment, nurturing and complete relaxation.

And if you are able to be at chair yoga this week, we shall also be ‘listening in’ with the through the practice of Pawanmuktasana I, a traditional practice that will enable us to rest our attention on energetically clearing anything that has become stuck in our joints, in order that our energy may flow freely once more. This practice encourages profound healing throughout all the layers of our being: physical, energetic, psychological, wisdom and bliss!

Enjoy your practice, you deserve it!

If you would like to come along to class, or for more information, you can contact me, Sarah, in the following ways: Telephone/Text/WhatsApp: 07817623330; email: [email protected]; Facebook: Free To Think; Website: freetothink.co.uk.