New Year, More Yoga!

How lovely it was last week to be back together in class for another whole new year of yoga. It was heartening to see so many mats rolled out for practice, and to welcome faces old and new.

There are so many ways in which we can embody our yoga practice, and this term we shall be focusing on a different perspective each week.

Last week we began by exploring how we might let go of things that no longer serve us through “Releasing”. Letting go of the old, the outdated and the unhelpful allows us to make space for the new, the desired for and the hoped for. It encourages change and a growth mindset, and it is a helpful focus during any yoga practice. We can release through the breath with a sigh, we can release through the body with a stretch, and we can release from the mind with mantra, affirmation, meditation or mindful walking.

In contrast, this week is all about discovering our experience through “Listening”. When we create the time and space to focus inwardly towards our Selves, rather than outwardly towards the world, we may discover a whole universe of unexplored territory. Listening encourages Svadhyaya, which is self-study and self-reflection, and through svadhyaya, we find we can tune in to the rhythms of body, breath and mind, and really “hear” what is being revealed to us. As we become more proficient at tuning in, we find that we begin to learn a great deal more about what makes each of us so individual, and yet so connected.

Yoga Returns To Crowland

2015 – And we haven’t changed a bit!

I am so excited to be teaching in Crowland again. I originally began to teach there after a conversation with a gentleman by the name of David Grundy, who I met at a networking event. We were chatting outside in the sunshine, and he suggested that I bring yoga to his home town. I remember saying something blase along the lines of: “Well if you help me get there, I will come!” It turned out that David is an extremely helpful and proactive individual – he was keen to practice yoga! – and in a very short time we had a class up and running. That was back in 2012, and since then, we have practiced in a number of venues, the most popular being the old British Legion Hall. Then, sadly along came the pandemic, which put a stop to all classes, and to the hall itself.

However, this story has a happy ending, as the hall was bought, and turned into the Crowland Community Hall. Now, almost four years after we last rolled our mats up, we shall be returning to the hall, to unroll them again.

I am not just excited to be teaching back in Crowland. I am also incredibly grateful to all of my Crowland students who have practiced with me over the past 12 years, many of whom are still with me today.

We have created more than a yoga class over the years, we have become friends and confidents; we have partied together and walked together, chatted together and shared special moments together. (I still have my yoga cake topper from my 50th birthday cake, almost ten years ago!)

And we have done more than just practice yoga: we have grown individually and collectively, as we explore our many layers and make new discoveries about our Selves.

Crowland students, past, present and future, I feel very grateful and honoured to teach you, and here’s to the next twelve years!

For more information about classes in Crowland, click the Yoga Classes tab.

New Free Meditations

Huge excitement for me today as my first Insight Timer meditation has just been published. It’s called A Meditation to Increase Gratitude and here is the link:…/a-meditation-practice-to…

It is completely free to listen to, and if you would like to support me in my work, do please rate me afterwards as all ratings and comments will enable me to improve what I am doing. If you follow me, you will be notified each time I add a new practice, and I plan to offer a wide variety of yoga practices.

And if you don’t already use Insight Timer, why not? It is an amazing resource offering thousands of meditations, relaxations, yoga nidras, talks, etc. And best of all, they are all free!

Community Yoga Group Yoga Day With Carole Tovell and Sarah Kemp

On: Friday, 10th January 2020

At: St Mary’s Church Hall, Rose Lane, Pinchbeck, PE11 3RN

Cost: One Session: £7:00 Full Day: £13.00

Morning Registration: 10:30am

Morning Class: 11.30am-12:30pm

Afternoon Registration: 1:15pm

Afternoon Class: 12:30pm 3:00pm

Lunch (bring your own): 12:30-1:30pm. Whether you are attending just one session, or the whole day, feel free to join us for lunch!

Just For Today – a Meditation by Tom Evans

Hi Everybody!

This week’s “guest speaker” meditation was given to us by Tom Evans and it is called “Just for Today”. It is designed to be practiced first thing in the morning, as we set intentions for our day. If you would like to practice it again, this is the link:

How Yoga Can Help us to Evaluate and Manage Stress

One of the most frequently heard expressions today is “I’m stressed”. Stress is an inevitable part of modern-day living, however, most stress can be reduced considerably and even eliminated.  Here are some considerations when contemplating stress in your life, and suggestions for reducing it:

(1)     What causes me to become stressed? Commonly shared examples of stressors are: Time-keeping, negative relationships, and money …  However, stress is very personal.  What may stress one person, will not stress another.
(2)    What can I do to reduce my stressors?  Take, for example, being unpunctual.  If being late stresses you, then allow more time for your journey, plan for the unexpected, and add extra time if necessary. Give yourself more time than you are likely to need so that you can relax and  enjoy the journey, rather than rushing and arriving stressed and on edge.
(3)    What can I not change? If you cannot change it, then try to make it acceptable by viewing it from a different perspective.  Annoying relatives perhaps will seem less annoying if you can understand and accept your differences.
(4)    Invest some time on your mat in quiet contemplation.  Ask yourself “why am I stressed, and what can I do about it right now?” Allow the question to settle, and quietly watch your breath. Trust in your vijnanamaya kosha, the wise part of us that holds the answers, and wait for inspiration to come. It may not come as quickly as you like, and it may not always been the answer you were hoping for, however it will be the right answer for you.
(5)     Contemplate the Serenity Prayer, and let it’s wisdom inspire you to trust in the guidance you receive:
“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.”
(6)    Be active and expunge negative energy.  Use the adrenalin that your body is supplying: Run, walk fast or choose a more energetic yoga practice … whatever works for you.
(7)    Breathe consciously – slowly and deeply, comfortably and with control.  Focus on the body as you breathe.  Notice the rise and fall of the front of the body with each breath-round.  Notice the lungs expanding with the in-breath and the body softening with the out-breath.  Allow the breath to ease the mind and the body into a state of tranquillity.  Remind yourself that it is impossible to breathe slowly and calmly and be stressed or anxious at the same time.  So now you have a choice to be calm or stressed.  Although stress starts in our mind, we can  erase it through the way we use our thoughts, our breath or our body.  And a combination of all three is powerful … it is what we call yoga!
Om Shanti (Peace to Everyone)
If you would like to know more about yoga, stress and anxiety management, mindfulness or relaxation techniques please contact Sarah, email me at: [email protected], find me on Facebook under Free To Think, or text or telephone me on: 07817623330

I – Into 2014

A belated “Happy New Year” to you all! 

Whether you visited my site through an interest in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or Yoga Relaxation and Mindfulness, you are very welcome and I hope this site serves to encourage and inspire.

So how do you view January?  As a chilly month in the depths of winter, or as the opportunity to renew, replenish and refresh?

If you are thinking about CBT, then the chances are you are not feeling your happiest and so this month may well be the former. Winter has the effect of keeping us closed in, both in terms of where we are physically, and our emotional and psychological Selves as well. It is all too easy to become enmeshed in any negative feelings. This time of year encourages us to hibernate and take stock. When we are feeling positive and mentally strong, this is good for us.  However, if we are feeling down or dejected, having too much opportunity to contemplate our woes is rarely beneficial.

If you are interested in yoga, then your interpretation of January may be entirely different.  This is because, for a yogi, every day is a new beginning, bringing with it the opportunity to grow and develop all aspects of our Self. From respecting our physical body when we eat and drink healthily, exercise regularly and relax properly, to improving mental strength and focus through mindfulness, meditation and resilience, we yogis seek to improve and develop through every day of our lives.

So how do we move from viewing January as a depressing month, to seeing it as an opportunity to move forward and develop?

It is all a matter of perspective. Firstly consider what it is that is holding you back and causing you to feel whatever negative feelings you have. Then decide if you feel strong enough to tackle these issues on your own. Can you call on support from people around you?  Do you want to tackle your issues at all?  Or is fear of the unknown holding you back?  It takes a brave person to look their life squarely in the face and admit there is a problem!

For more help and advice around these areas, you can click on the links above, read previous blogs, or just email me or give me a call.




Yoga Classes Update!



Yoga Classes Available In Bourne From September

An opportunity to see why yoga is so popular.

Improve your ability to relax.  Become more flexible, toned and strong.  Be more focused and co-ordinated.  Breathe better.

Come along and try it for yourself. Suitable for all ages and abilities.

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